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Tip with steem power

Why prize money, tips and gifts on Steem blockchain should always be in Steem Power

Upvotes, Gifting, Tipping and prize moneys have been some of the major motivators for activity here on Steemit. I have seen prize money of 50+SBD. These have triggered activity on Steemit and have led to some interesting outcomes and collaborations. I have run a couple of Steemgigs myself.

While running one of these gigs I felt like it would have been great if I could transfer Steempower to the winner so that he would be interested in the long term betterment of the Steem platform. I googled around and I couldn't find any solutions back then. Today I was doing something and came across a good option.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 3.18.26 AM.png

Click on the image if you want to see how it looks like on Blocktrades.

The link above enables you to transfer 5 steem from your account to the equivalent Steem power to my account.

Similarly if you want to transfer SBD from your account to equivalent steem power in my account you can use the query

In case you want to gift me 1BTC equivalent of SteemPower you can use . Please don't ask me why you would do that :P

I think that Blocktrades links makes the process of conversions and transfers much easier. I am looking forward to better integration of Steem and Bitshares so that all of this can be done natively from interface itself.

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