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steem to the moon again

Steem to the Moon again

Previous Prediction

I had predicted a couple of months ago that Steem would be around 4USD by the end of the year. It is almost close to that now. I still feel that there is a lot of upside for Steem. I think all the growth till date is for the capacity of Steem to take care of rewards for content creation and content curation.

Apps built on Steem blockchain

The current leg of the growth will be driven by the apps built on Steem, gaining more visibility. There are already full time companies which are working on creating apps on steem blockchain. As more companies start concentrating on building apps around Steem blockchain the adoption of Steem will only start increasing. With Smart Media Tokens companies can plan all their monetization strategies using Steem blockchain.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 10.31.37 PM.png

Steem as a payment altenrative

The next wave of growth will be driven by Steem acting as a payment alternative to other coins like Litecoin, Reddit and Verge. Today while everybody is complaining about the slow transaction times of Bitcoin and ether, nobody is paying attention to the number of transactions that Steem is performing without any delays in almost less than 3 seconds. Once investors start considering Steem as an alternative to Litecoin, Reddit and Verge the value of Steem is bound to increase.

Steem to moon again

Everybody have associated an image of Blog to the Steem network and hence they are missing out on the other usecases that it is fulfilling without creating any noise. There will come a time when people will realise that Steem is already solving many more problem and Steem will definitely moon.

The eco system

Steem today is an ecosystem. It has a good dev team. It has an active community of content creators, content moderators, secondary developers who build various apps on the Steem platform, tech evangelists and steem community evangelists. Most of the investors generally fall under one of these categories and it is a good thing for the Steem community.

While Steem is an eco system in itself, the more interesting fact is that it part of a bigger eco system. The trilogy of EOS, Bitshares and Steemit. Imagine EOS working like an operating system on which applications can be built, Steemit powering all the content related apps and catering to content related tasks like content creation and content curation, Bitshares allowing the digital transactions and creation of digital assets that can be used across apps created on EOS and Steem blockchain. Since these three blockchains can communicate with each other easily there will be a lot of synergies and new opportunities will open up which we may not be able to completely comprehend now.

Considering all these by the end of year 2018 I think Steem would grow at-least 6x times to reach around 20 USD. If the overall cryptosphere does well it might as well reach greater heights. What are your thoughts?

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