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average purchase price

Portfolio tracker to find out Average purchase price, Realised and unrealised gains

You generally end up buying coins at different prices. It could be price averaging. It could be for buying the dips. Or it could be for the long term HODLing. But it is always good to know what is your average purchase price so that you know where you stand. 


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Realised and Unrealised Gains

If you have bought a stash of a particular coin at low price and have been selling them at every high, it becomes very difficult for you to identify what are you profits over the time. Also at times you will feel like knowing the answer to the question "If I sell the remaining part of my stash will I make a profit, loss or break even". If you have been in that situation before then the Realised and Unrealised Gains report can give you very good insights.

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