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EOS faces downtime within 48 hours of go live. Issue fixed now?

Within 48 hours of going live, EOS mainnet went down or was “paused”. According to multiple instances on twitter and steemit about this on June 16th. The block producers and other responsible team members were looking for a fix for the issue. Reports on twitter stated that the transactions are “frozen” on the EOS mainnet. The real reason behind the freeze is still unclear as mentioned in the steemit post by the block producers.

EOSUK, which is one of the EOS’s block producers, reported on the EOS network monitor dashboard about the EOS being unable to process transactions.

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As in the screenshot above, many BPs shown red. As APIs of these block producers did not respond in the stipulated time. According to EOSUK twitter account posted “Lots of RED on the EOS Network Monitor as EOS Mainnet Crashes.”

Post this, about an hour later, top 21 BPs posted on Steemit about the issue. The found a way to unfreeze the chain and bring it back to normal. They also mentioned that the basic functions of the chain will be available within 3 to 6 hours since the post was published on steemit. All the nodes were shut down and the community was told to downgrade to version 1.0.3

Furthermore, the official telegram channel named “Mainnet status”, also broadcasted this issue. After a deeper analysis, they came to know the reason for his downtime. It was the deferred transactions that were hindering the whole system.

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Speaking of EOS, it has the highest ICO ever, having $4 billion in the bank before even it was launched. EOS has ethereum in competition, as a blockchain platform for DAPPs.

Furthermore, the market did not welcome this news happily. The price of EOS went down by 3% within 24 hours of this incident. Currently, EOS is traded at $10.56 per coin, as per coinmarketcap.

Following are the steps were taken by the team to fix the issue:

  • A fix for the node will be released
  • The node that the block producers use will be upgraded 
  • Until the last irreversible block, the block will be replayed
  • Block producers will need to stay in sync
  • The chain is now upgraded to version 1.0.5 without losing any data on the blockchain

However, the system went back to normal functional status in an hour or so. At the time of writing this post, the dashboard is as in the screenshot below.

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The system has just launched globally, so it’s expected for such unmanageable issues. As time goes by, it will be more and more efficient. Moreover, the highest ICO funding Is always there to have a better infrastructure that can withstand such outrages.

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