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Crowdfunding made easy with decentralized Lighthouse Cash tool

A crowdfunding platform Lighthouse cash which is powered by Bitcoin Cash(BCH) network is all set to make its way to the public. Mike Hearn started the project years ago but the project was halted as he left cryptocurrency community. This week, the project developers have officially launched for multiple platforms.

What is Lighthouse cash? What does it do?

Lighthouse Cash is a platform that is capable of managing your own crowdfunding without having any middle-men. There are platforms that help you manage your crowdfunding process but that’s not free. With Lighthouse Cash, you can manage your own crowdfunding process and lose any money as fees.

Furthermore, Lighthouse Cash is decentralized unlike the other centralized platforms mentioned above. It can even be monitored by the service providers. So, to overcome this, a Bitcoin developer, Mike Hearn came up with this idea but left the project out of debate & frustrations.

An anonymous developer has brought back the project from dead. The developer has released the first cut of to the public.

“Meet Lighthouse Cash, a bitcoin-cash-powered app to create and manage your own crowdfunding campaign without any middle-men,” explains the development team.

Lighthouse Cash allows users to pledge for multiple projects, i.e. support the projects by funds. Furthermore, the users can create their own funding page in a decentralized manner.

“Lighthouse Cash provides a wallet and a way to build crowdfunding campaigns without relying on a trusted third party.”

To give you a pure decentralized experience, you have the power to chose between server & decentralized settings.

Additionally, Lighthouse Cash is user-friendly and hence it is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating system. Also, the anonymous developer has been backed up by and cashpay wallet via Toshi’s funds. Being an open-source project, the full code of Lighthouse Cash is available on Gitlab website.

“We decided to maintain the project at Gitlab because Microsoft does not believe it is possible to scale on-chain, it only made sense to us to move this project to a platform that has a better vision,” says the development team of the project.

Though the project took a long break after Mike left the project, it turns out that the project is a good shape. As per the testing records, it doesn’t take long to set up a crowdfunding project.

So far there’s no fee to start a crowdfunding project, you can start the project with zero fees. And still, maintain hundreds and thousands of dollars for your crowdfunding project.

Furthermore, since the project has BCH at the foundation, the Lighthouse cash is powerful enough for pledging with ease.

“Projects can be distributed however you want. It’s envisioned that galleries will pop up that will host projects and help them reach a wider audience,” says the Lighthouse cash creators

Speaking of features, the platform is planning to have development collaboration tool, mobile phone support, software updates signed by the threshold, Tor mode and few more exciting updates for future releases Lastly, to help people understand the how to and what is part of the project, there are two instructural videos which can be found here and here.

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