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Introducing Decenturion: A Blockchain that will govern the democracy

Blockchain technology has been decentralizing many systems since it’s inception. Be it the financial system, or the Internet of Things, healthcare etc. This time it’s the citizenship that has been modified by the blockchain technology. A group of ‘doers’ is attempting one of the most ambitious projects in the blockchain space to date.


Decenturion is aiming to provide world’s first decentralized state in which economy, communications & governance are built on the blockchain technology. Decenturio’s value system puts its the residents at the center of the system. The residents are the power of the state and determine the key principles of the domestic policies of the state.


Decenturion is determined to build a qualitative economy rather than a quantitative one. Characteristics like Income per capita, level of education, level of information technology- & blockchain competencies, & weight of the benefit brought in by a citizen.


How Decenturion works?

Decenturion will distribute 30,000,000 decenturion tokens (DCNT) that will be distributed among blockchain celebrities, developers, scientists, & first citizens. Each citizen will get an online & offline passport, personal profile page, decenturion wallet with DCNT token each.


Furthermore, each token that the applicants will be getting will have the hosts power, money, & glory assets. Citizens can participate in legal, economic or any kind of development depending on the money, power & glory assets they have.


The 30,000,000 tokens will be distributed from startups tokens soon after you as a citizen become a part of the economy. 300+ startups will become the organization and are expected to get millions of users by the end of 2018.


As a citizen, you are likely to earn $15,000 annually from the token mined of every decenturion organization. 100+ applicants are likely to become the deciding authorities, advisers of the decenturion organizations. Additionally, as decenturion citizens, you will be owning the assets of this blockchain based state. Depending on the DCNT tokens you possess, you will be able to make money, create laws & use resources of the decenturion society. With the Decenturion passport, you will be able to attend offline events & embassies across the globe. Furthermore, you can order a physical passport, which is issued by all international standards. This physical passport will be eligible for official use globally.


“The citizens…are behind the Decenturion state. This is the main concept, as we are the ones who govern the society.  Do you know who Satoshi is?  I don’t. Maybe, it’s not just one person but a couple of them.  Same thing with [Decenturion].” Olha Havrylyuk, a Decenturion spokesperson said.


If nothing else, the creation of this decentralized state marks the beginning of a neutral & unpredictable experiment in politics of human existence. Like, imagine, Governance via technology, in this case, the blockchain technology.


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