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Cryptocurrencies: Inherit cryptocurrency assets with Safe Haven

Cryptocurrency industry is growing day night. There’s a lot happening and a lot to come, so much that cryptocurrency will be an integral part of our daily lives. But till then, let us tell you a bitter truth, not sure if cryptocurrency will die or not, we all are surely gonna die.

Being a crypto investor, ever wondered what would happen to your cryptocurrency assets if after you die? All your cryptocurrency investments will be inaccessible without the private keys. How do you think your loved ones will get benefitted in this case? Would you let the investment go useless? No, you don’t have to. Safe Haven is here.

About Safe Haven

SafeHaven is a platform built on VeChainThor Blockchain that lets you enable inheritance of cryptocurrencies you’ve invested in. SafeHaven uses their patent Trust Alliance Network(TAN) to enable the continuity of this kind to assist the crypto owner with additional legal services.

With SafeHaven, you, as a crypto owner can plan the distribution of your investment among partners and loved ones. SafeHaven allows you to encrypt the shares & assets you lock in the system. While you have the complete access to it and it will not be shared with anyone unless mishaps like death or illness happen. As an investor, you can opt to share seeds/private keys/passphrases with your partners/children/relative in a transparent and secure way.

As an investor, you just need to create a circle of family/partners, as SafeHaven calls it, the Family Circle Share Distribution Protocol, or TFC SDP for short. As part of this, you can create a circle that the SafeHaven’s ecosystem can trust.

The SafeHaven’s TAN is a social networking platform for blockchain related legal affairs. Here, unlike other social networking platforms, lawyers & notaries with specialization in cryptocurrencies and related investment authorship are present. Furthermore, the TAN is world’s first legal reference for blockchain applications, users & companies.

Lawyer & Notaries will be able to offer their services and they can also highlight their specialization(s) to potential clients. Each account holder will have a profile page with all the relevant details such contact information, a short description of themselves, their experience, remuneration details etc to help the investors choose the best.

The Lawyers & Notaries or any legal entity will be able to do the following on TAN:

  • Login/subscribe to the TAN
  • Invite other users to the TAN
  • Comment on articles on the TAN
  • Publish articles and legal documents (references and clarifications about crypto-based law)
  • Moderate legal documents
  • Earn tokens for their efforts
  • Grow their revenue and expand their client base

Beyond this, these legal entities will need to pay annual fees to use SafeHaven’s TAN to offer his/her services to investors who are looking for safeguarding their investments.

The proceeding for this amazing solution for the investors is on the roll. It will be coming out publically in a couple of months and surely going to help investors in a lot of ways. Stay tuned for more updates on this.  


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