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BTC Bitcoin Digital Gold, Gold 2.0
ETH Ethereum Programmable Money, Smart Contracts
XRP XRP Enterprise Payment Settlement Network.
BCH Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Clone. Bad PR
XLM Stellar Fast International Payments, Ripple-like
LTC Litecoin Fast popular Bitcoin clone
USDT Tether 1USD Peg, Backed?
ADA Cardano Smart Contracts Platform, Overhyped
XMR Monero Privacy Centric, Hackers favorite
DASH Dash Privacy Focused, Bitcoin Clone
MIOTA IOTA IOT Payments, Low fees
TRX TRON Blockchain-based entertainment content sharing platform
ETC Ethereum Classic Ethereum Clone, Uncensored version
NEO NEO Chinese Smart Contracts Platform
XTZ Tezos Smart Contracts, DAPPS POS
BNB Binance Coin Binance Exchange, Upcoming DEX plans
XEM NEM Enterprise Smart Asset System
VET VeChain trustfree, distributed business ecosystem
DOGE Dogecoin MEME turned micro-transactions litcoin-clone
ZEC Zcash Privacy Centric Bitcoin Fork
OMG OmiseGO Banking the unbanked, Remittances-centric
LSK Lisk Developer Friendly DAPPS in Javascript
BTG Bitcoin Gold Bitcoin Clone for GPU Mining
BCN Bytecoin Blockchain Analysis resistant Privacy coin
ONT Ontology Blockchain integration for enterprises
NANO Nano Formerly RaiBlocks, near instant transactions with low fees.
DCR Decred Autonomous digital-currency. Atomic Swaps
BTS BitShares First peer to peer exchange and decentralised financial system
MKR Maker Asset backed decentralized stablecoin
QTUM Qtum Value Transfer, Smart Contracts
ZRX 0x Decentralised exchange on Ethereum
DGB DigiByte Highly decentralised, cybersecurity focussed
BCD Bitcoin Diamond Another Bitcoin clone claiming faster transactions and low fees
ZIL Zilliqa Next Generation, High Throughput Blockchain Platform.
ICX ICON Hyperconnect the World. Cross blockchain communication
WAVES Waves Decntralised exchange. Create your own token without coding.
STEEM Steem Blockchain based social media. Content and reward centric
AE Aeternity decentralized computing and digital asset platform
XVG Verge Earlier called DogeCoinDark. Privacy focussed coin.
SC Siacoin Rent your hard-disk. Decentralised Cloud storage.
ETP Metaverse ETP Chinese ethereum and identity
NPXS Pundi X It is a decentralized platform simplifying cryptocurrency for users.
BAT Basic Attention Token Rewards publishers using their Brave browser. Attention economy pioneer.
REP Augur Decentralised Prediction Market
GNT Golem decentralized supercomputer
STRAT Stratis C# and the .Net based enterprise grade smart contracts. Creates sidechains
MAID MaidSafeCoin Creators of SAFE network. Pay once to upload, Store forever digital economy
SNT Status Decentralised apps. Chat app is most popular
PPT Populous Decentralised global invoice trading platform
LINK Chainlink Decentralised Oracle service
CNX Cryptonex Easy entrance into crypto world
KMD Komodo Another privacy centric coin
ARDR Ardor Blockchain-as-a-service-platform that evolved from the time-tested Nxt blockchain.
MOAC MOAC Advancing Performance for Enhanced Smart Contracting
IOST IOST Promising to be Better Bitcoin
MITH Mithril A decentralized social media platform that rewards all content creators.
RHOC RChain Strives to provide content delivery at the scale of Facebook and support transaction at the speed of Visa.
WAN Wanchain Crosschain protocol
KCS KuCoin Shares Cryptocurrency Exchange that redistributes most of the profits.
RDD ReddCoin Social currency.
AION Aion The protocol to link all protocols
HSR Hshare A decentralized social media platform that rewards all content creators.
HT Huobi Token Token for Huobi exchange. Discount on trading.
DCN Dentacoin Blockchain for dental industry.
ELF aelf Decentralised cloud computing
FUN FunFair Cryptocurrency for Casinos
MANA Decentraland Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain.
QASH QASH Liquidity platform by Japan approved QUOINE
PAY TenX Cryptocurrency Credit Card
BNT Bancor Protocol for generation of cryptocurrencies.
ZEN Horizen Privay driven cryptocurrency. Now called horizen
AOA Aurora EVM supported smart contracts on DPOS blockchain
ARK Ark Aims to create an entire ecosystem of linked chains.
DGD DigixDAO Cryptocurrency backed by actual bars of gold
MCO MCO Cryptocurrency Visa Card.
NXT Nxt Decentralized asset exchange, marketplace, and voting system
WAX WAX A decentralized virtual marketplace as service.
NAS Nebulas Nebulas Rank (NR) provides a measure of value for every unit in the blockchain. Building a decentrlised internet.
BTCP Bitcoin Private hard fork of Bitcoin combined with the privacy of zk-snarks.
THETA Theta Token Decentralised Streaming network
POWR Power Ledger Ecosystem of world-leading energy blockchain applications
MONA MonaCoin First Japanese cryptocurrency
ELA Elastos Blockchain powered internet, Operating System, and runtime for DAPPs
XZC ZCoin Private Financial Transactions enabled by the Zerocoin Protocol
PIVX PIVX Privacy centric blockchain. Cone of Dash
LRC Loopring Protocal for decentralised token exchange
KNC Kyber Network Distributed exchange for tokens on ethereum, cosmos, ICON and wanchain blockdhains.
KIN Kin Currency on Kik community
EMC Emercoin Distributed blockchain services for business and personal use
CTXC Cortex state-of-the-art machine-learning models on the blockchain
TTU TaTaTu Social entertainment on blockchain. Get paid to watch.
BTM Bitmark Asset management via smart-contracts