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Daily Round up January 10

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Bullish Sentiment for Bitcoin Is at a 5-Month High

The ratio of long-to-short positions placed on bitcoin (BTC) has reached its highest level in over five months on cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

At press time, the BTC long positions placed on the exchange total 33,750 units, worth $137.3 million at current market prices, whereas the number of short positions is roughly 11,000 units less at just 22,787 – now worth just under $93 million.

This creates the long-to-short ratio of nearly 1.5:1 – its highest since August 6th of last year.

Bitcoin longs and shorts (Bitfinex)

Daily Round up January 08

News From Around the World

The Coming Bifurcation of Bitcoin

Amongst many others, the bitcoin community for the past few years has been working with two particularly important ideas related to the asset’s future.

One is the narrative of institutional adoption: the idea that institutions will begin buying (or facilitating the buying) of bitcoin as an investment. The other is decentralization: emphasizing control of one’s own monetary sovereignty and the ease with which people can participate in the network at an affordable cost.

Daily Round up January 07

News From Around the World

Ledger Crypto Wallet Goes Mobile With Bluetooth-Ready Nano X

Ledger has gone mobile.

The crypto wallet company revealed its new, Bluetooth-enabled Nano X device Sunday at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The added Bluetooth means that the Nano X can readily be used with mobile devices, which has been a pain point for many users of the company’s current wallet, the Ledger S. Much of the world primarily uses mobile computing, never or very seldom touching laptops or desktop computers.