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Tens of Millions of people view a blockchain ad during FIFA'18

Hyundai digital asset company (Hdac) aired a television ad of its blockchain based solution that shows a smart home with gadgets communicating with each other. The ad was seen during the FIFA world cup going on in Russia. The commercial is little over 30 seconds long but rightly conveys the message. A crypto-enthusiast would definitely be awestruck to see the future Hdac has to serve. If this is the first time, trust us, you have a really good thing to begin knowing about blockchain with.

The word ‘blockchain’ is spreading like the internet did decades ago. The football fans did not expect what many call a ‘gifted technology’ to recent human race. No doubt FIFA has millions of viewership across the globe. With a variety of interest, people do watch FIFA without blinking their eyes.

“Hdac Technology is building the future with the blockchain solution,” says the first scene. The opening scene shows a modern day family using Hdac technology in their day to day life. The family is shown using holographic imaging mechanism that virtually shows a lovely dress the little girl would love to wear. Furthermore, the family leaves the house and suddenly the home appliances start communicating with one another, calculating, working to ease their owner’s lives while they’re away. “Hdac Technology platform is smart and secure, thanks to the blockchain solution,” concludes the ad.

If you’re wondering how are the gadgets of communicating with each other to perform better? Well, it's a long existing technology called the Internet of Things (IoT). The ad basically shows how a densely interconnected home will look like in not so distant future. IoT was not that effective all these years, though it’s been around for quite a long. But with blockchain, it got legs. And now, IoT is up and running and seems to be unstoppable. Apart from IoT, blockchain is the spinal chord of cryptocurrency too.

This was the first time an advert of this kind appeared on the television. However, such ads are common on social media and video streaming apps like YouTube. Furthermore, this move from Hdac got their idea in front of tens of millions of people. This isn’t over yet, Hdac is planning to appear in front of an even bigger audience and this time highly targeted one. The ad may appear again, as FIFA fever isn’t over yet. Additionally, there are chances of telecasting this ad even after the world cup ends, as the awareness of the game is estimated to be half the human population.

Sure, Hyundai is a well-known brand across the globe. Hence marketing this idea is not a big deal. The current Hyundai CEO’s nephew is behind Hdac. A billion dollar company showing interest in blockchain is not a small thing. The company visualizes smart factories a real thing. Reducing manpower and utilizing it for something much more important than babysitting machines.

Hdac has raised a quarter of a billion dollars from ICO already in late 2017. As a welcome note, its mining pool was hacked soon after its launch. Ads like these run at $300k per telecast and Hdac has scheduled around 80 telecasts already. Here’s the video, watch and enjoy it with ease. Embrace for future, it will be here sooner than ever.

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