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bitcoin vending machine in india

Bitcoin vending machine makes its way to India

Cryptocurrency has not been that cool in India from the government’s point of view. It has been slow to adapt to the technological advancements that are happening around the world. Sure, there’s a concern-oriented intention in being slow to adapt to these changes. But, not bringing a solution fast is something we, as citizens of India, have to get upset with. However, the gray clouds over the cryptocurrency sector are slowly being removed as the Bitcoin vending machine have made it their way to India.

That being said, Digital Assets co along with many cryptocurrency exchanges & local businesses has together placed a Bitcoin vending machine in India. The Bitcoin vending machine is ordered from Portugal and has been installed in the capital of India, Delhi.

This move is surely going to help the customers & investors for good. The Bitcoin vending machine has been installed in Delhi, on 1st may 2018.

“As of the 28th of April 2018, India’s first Lamassu Douro cryptocurrency vending machine went live to public access, at 147 MG Road, Delhi. The vending machine has been imported directly from Portugal by Digital Assets, a local partnership providing a variety of cryptocurrency services. This machine enables anyone with a little cash to spare to participate in the cryptocurrency revolution. With this machine, we hope to help fulfill the Prime Minister’s dream of creating a Digital India.” The official blog post announced this.

Frequently asked questions

How to locate the vending machine?

You can make use of this tool to locate the bitcoin vending machine. There’s an embedded google map location in the tool which you can use to trace the vending machine.

How many people have used this machine so far?

Since the launch of the Bitcoin vending machine, around 50 customers have used the machine and the response has been awesome. The response is evidence that the customers are loving the service and are positively enjoying it. Furthermore, the transactions seem to finally pick up the pace, which is a positive news.

Let’s be optimistic about the future that the number of transactions increases further. As a very few people know about the bitcoin vending machine, expecting a high number of transactions to be high is pure foolishness. Let more people know about this and slowly the number of transactions will go higher and higher.

How about the legality of this vending machine in India?

Sure, there were legal challenges to install the Bitcoin vending machine. Just the wireless authority approval was needed to get the go-ahead signal from higher authorities to install the vending machine. Furthermore, the installation was a smooth ride. It didn’t come with a lot of pain and headache.

How was the response from the investors in India?

The response was really good, considering the time the machine is in use. The word of mouth is doing the most of the marketing for the Bitcoin vending machine. This word of mouth is bringing a lot of Indian investors and doing the right thing to spread awareness.

This is just the beginning of just one Bitcoin vending machine. As time unfolds, we should expect more bitcoin vending machine with multi-currency support. Let’s wait and watch.


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