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Bitcoin cash stress test day

Preparation for Bitcoin cash stress test day begins

A group that runs a website ‘BCH stress test day’ reported a stress test on the platform. This was reported on As part of this test, the group is planning to process millions of transactions of minimum fee. That too, all those minimum fee transactions at once in one single day.

Since the number of transactions that are to be processed is insanely huge, the lead developers working on the project want everyone in the community to participate and pull this off.

Furthermore,, along with Bitbox which is an open source project, came up with a tool for this project. This tool allows anyone to ‘spam’ the network with transactions.

Node.js App for stress testing by

The BCH blockchain has a block capacity size of 32 MB, which is multiple time huge than many blockchain based ledgers available today, including the prime cryptocurrency Bitcoin. This broad block size is exactly that is making higher throughput for BCH possible. Higher block size means that more transactions can be placed within every block. This directly means that more number of transactions can be processed every time a block is verified and added to the blockchain/public ledger.

The BCH chain had an 8MB block size until this may. Miners have been processing the transactions between 2-8MB. Furthermore, Viabtc was able to process an 8MB block that had 37000 transactions in it. The 8MB block that was added to blockchain successfully is an evidence that a 32MB block size would be a really amazing thing to help process more transactions.

Now that the platform has a 32MB block size, the developers want to stress test it. The test will have the system process huge number of transactions all at once in a 24-hour window.

Therefore, came up with an app for stress testing the network. The tool is a “starting point” for the 1 BCH bounty program that will be offered to someone who can develop an advanced version of the app.

“BCH-stress test is a concept app that can be used as a starting point to claiming the stress test bounty,” said the developers

Furthermore, there has been a spike in the number of BCH transactions. Bitbox creator Gabriel Cardona along with many other BCH enthusiasts have been sharing screenshots of the number of transactions. Johoe’s Mempool and have been collecting data that show a steep jump in the number of BCH transactions.

“Big increase in bitcoin cash transaction count since yesterday. Here’s the script from if you’d like to play along — Let’s stress test BCH to prove to the world we can scale,” Cardona tweeted

The stress test is scheduled to happen on September 1st around 12 PM UTC. Furthermore, the open source tool developed by is available here in the Github repository.

What do you think of this stress test? Are you going to participate in the test? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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